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Jellystone Park North Texas Jellystone Park

We stayed for 2 nights and it far exceeded my expectations. We were all entertained all weekend with fun things to keep each one of us busy. The park is extremely clean and the staff is friendly. During the activity time they had activities every hour – ranging from firetruck rides to scavenger hunts. Yogi the bear was at almost every activity which my daughter loved. They also had two swimming pools, ceramic figurine painting, a cute store, great playgrounds and fishing right next to our campsite. Some activities cost extra, but the majority were included in the stay. There were activities for absolutely any age – from littles to teens. We had all intentions of going to Pirates Cove Water Park the last day, that is located on site, but unfortunately it ended up raining. The kids were so sad to miss this. Also, you can rent a golf cart during your stay and I would highly recommend this. The kids loved driving around the site in it. There were so many activities to choose from but the best part was seeing my children have the opportunity to experience nature. We had the chance as a family to spend time with each other. It literally took my breath away to see them sitting together and laughing uncontrollably while roasting marshmallows. It felt like we traveled back to an era when kids played outdoors and experienced life firsthand. I would strongly suggest that more families take advantage and the sooner the better. I am extremely grateful to have had this experience with them and would love to share it with family and friends in the future. I plan on making this an annual tradition. Was so Busy with everything forgot to get pictures!

Jessica Hughes

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